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My wife Theresa, my 2 daughters and I live in Claremont, Cape Town which is arguably the most beautiful city in the world. All our kittens grow up in a friendly and loving home, under foot so to say. By the time they leave us they are totally socialized to people as well as having met our Labradors Coco & Lexi. This is a super friendly breed but will need to be slowly introduced to other pets in your their new homes.

We fell in love with the Sphynx while on honeymoon in January 1999. We saw them in an international cat magazine and it was love at first sight, especially as there was an article about their awesome personalities which can be best described as- part monkey, part dog and part cat. It took 5 years before we were able to get our first pair Blue & Chip. We are incredibly thankful to Dr James Thoene who trusted us with these beauties when he closed his Breeding program.

In the last 10+ years we have focused on developing the breed with an emphasis on type and health. We have worked on this through importing new lines, selective breeding and careful outcrossing. We are very proud of the cats we have bred and the show results, happy homes and healthy cats we have been blessed with.

We did take a break from breeding 2014/2015 so are using 2016/17 for rebuilding our lines. We dont keep an official waiting list as it gets too long, very quickly. So we ask you to keep an eye on the kitten page and our facebook page and when you see a new litter has been born, if you are interested let us have your name, contact details and what you are looking for and we will help you find the right kitten for you and your home. Let us have other important information like, if you want a show cat? Do you want a male or a female? Do you have a colour preference? We take a lot of time and effort to put the right cat with the right person/family.

Owning a Sphynx does not happen overnight and please be careful, there are many scams on the classified websites offering kittens at low prices and immediate availablity. If its too good to be true, it is probably not! Please research out anyone claiming to be a breeder, make sure offers are legitimate, kittens are healthy and the breeder is trustworthy! a simple Google search should show a website, resent show results and cattery registration.

Exposed Sphynx Cattery is internationally registered with the World Cat Federation (WCF), through Cat Association of Southern Africa (CASA).

Our First Litter from 2005

(Amazon, Amathyst, Amber & Apollo)



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